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Protected: After Uvalde: Guns, Grief & Texas Politics

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Aire que no Podemos Captar: La Materia Insidiosa del Monóxido de Carbono

Aunque el envenenamiento por monóxido de carbono se puede prevenir, siguen ocurriendo violaciones a la seguridad de la vivienda, lesiones y muertes. Desde el otoño de 2022, Futuro Investiga investiga por qué siguen ocurriendo incidentes y cómo los residentes latinos y negros se ven afectados de manera desproporcionada por el gas letal.


Air We Can’t Grasp: The Insidious Matter of Carbon Monoxide

“Even though carbon monoxide poisoning is preventable, housing safety violations, injuries and deaths keep occurring. Since Fall 2022, Futuro Investigates digs into why incidents keep happening and how Latino and Black residents are disproportionally affected by the deadly gas.”

Government, Immigration

Head Down

In 2018, Diego and Mario joined the U.S. government-sponsored H-2A visa program, leaving their families in their home country of Mexico to harvest blueberries at a farm in North Carolina for six months. They had no idea they were about to become victims of human trafficking and that their lives would be derailed forever. In the first episode of two-part special “Head Down,” we go deep into how a visa program that brings more than 300,000 foreign agricultural workers to the U.S. every year is plagued with abuse and wage theft. All of this while the U.S. government plans to expand it.


USA v. García Luna: A Story Where True Crime Meets Telenovela

True crime meets telenovela in this five-episode audio series, as two journalists share their obsession with a powerful and obscure character whose role in the so-called war on drugs has affected millions of lives in the United States.

Government, Spanish

USA v. García Luna: Una historia de crimen real mezclado con telenovela

El crimen se encuentra con la telenovela en esta serie de cinco episodios donde dos periodistas comparten su obsesión por un oscuro personaje cuyo rol en la llamada “guerra contra las drogas” ha afectado miles de vidas en Estados Unidos.