About Us

Futuro Unidad Hinojosa is the IRE-award-winning investigative and special projects division of the Pulitzer-award-winning organization Futuro Media, led by Maria Hinojosa & Peniley Ramírez.

Founded in 2020, this entrepreneurial division enhances Maria Hinojosa’s legacy of human and in-depth reporting for television and audio. We do it by developing highly creative multimedia projects and original programming, alongside new specialized techniques for investigative and data analysis that Peniley Ramirez has developed as an investigative correspondent for major news media outlets.

Within our division, Futuro Investigates is the only investigative unit in the United States dedicated to the communities of people of color, including Latino/a communities, reporting in English and Spanish. In 2023 our first investigative story Death by Policy won the IRE award in the Audio Long form category.

Latina-founded and women-led, Futuro Investigates is on a mission to create a new definition of investigative work, in the tradition of the best American journalism. We are doing it by centering humanity along with data and field reporting that holds the powerful accountable, and confronts challenges that communities of color face across the Americas.

We believe that collaborative, multilingual and multiplatform journalism is urgent and needed, so we distribute our work on any possible platform. We also provide editorial and professional investigative opportunities to other Futuro Media staff and journalists of color outside Futuro Media.


Learn about the incredible journalists working on Futuro Investigates and Special Projects.

Maria Hinojosa

Executive Producer, Futuro Investigates & Latino USA

Peniley Ramírez

Executive Producer, Futuro Investigates, Special Projects & Latino USA

Andrea López-Cruzado

Supervising Senior Editor, Futuro Investigates & Latino USA

Julieta Martinelli

Senior Producer, Investigative & Studios

Nour Saudi

Lead Producer, Investigative & Latino USA

Nancy Trujillo

Project Manager, Futuro Media Group