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Episode 1: “Anahí’s Story”

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Published on: April 6, 2023

Episode 1 features Anahí Echevarría Gutiérrez Barrios, a Guatemalan-American union organizer who appears in the 6-part companion podcast, The Long Way Around. As she travels to Houston, Texas to buy an engagement ring for her beloved Lucille, Anahí envisions a more equitable society as she listens to a ‘Re-Imagination Nation Podcast’ interview with award-winning journalist and Futuro Media Group Founder, Maria Hinojosa, and the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award-winning musician and activist, John Legend.

The world that Anahí Barrios imagines represents the kind of society we can build when we look at adversity as an opportunity rather than a barrier. If we change the narrative so that our differences are widely valued, we’ll be well on our way to building stronger communities.