Re-Imagination Nation with Maria Hinojosa

Re-Imagination Nation with Maria Hinojosa: is a companion series to The Long Way Around and delves more deeply into the issues raised in the fiction series. It features interviews with thought leaders, artists, and activists who are members of SCoRE (Solidarity Council on Racial Equity) including Michelle Alexander, Ava DuVernay, Saru Jayaraman, Heather McGhee, Linda Sarsour, and others. Listen to all the episodes below.

Re Imagination Nation, We Imagine US

Episode 1: La June Montgomery Tabron, Linda Sarsour and Ava DuVernay

In this episode, we explore the importance of imagination and solidarity. First, we speak with the creator of SCoRE (Solidarity Council on Racial Equity), La June Montgomery Tabron, who reimagines how we can work together to create a world that is truly equitable for all. Then, Maria is joined by SCoRE members Linda Sarsour and award-winning film director Ava DuVernay, who explain their vision for a more just world and the work they are doing to make change happen.

Re-Imagination Nation, We Imagine US

Episode 2: Heather McGhee, Manuel Pastor

In our second episode, we learn about solidarity economics with members of SCoRE (Solidarity Council on Racial Equity). Author Heather McGhee talks with Maria about her cross-country journey challenging zero-sum game ideas that progress for some must come at the expense of others. Then, sociology professor Manuel Pastor discusses models for a more inclusive economy designed so that we can all prosper together.

Re Imagination Nation, We Imagine US

Episode 3: Saru Jayaraman and Kent Wong

In this episode, we hear insights from the frontlines of labor reform with two members of SCoRE (Solidarity Council on Racial Equity). First, a close look at restaurant work—essential but undervalued. Author Saru Jayaraman details efforts to bring the dignity of recognition and fair wages to all workers. Then, Kent Wong of the UCLA Labor Center reveals how an empowered generation of documented and undocumented youth are reimagining an entirely new immigration system.

Re Imagination Nation, We Imagine US

Episode 4: Jerry Tello and Mayra Santos-Febres

Our fourth episode shines a light on the work of transformational healing that members of SCoRE (Solidarity Council on Racial Equity) are accomplishing in their communities. National Compadres Network co-founder Jerry Tello puts a focus on culturally-based wisdom in addressing mental and emotional health. Then, Puerto Rican writer and activist Mayra Santos-Febres tells how the courageous creativity of Black and Indigenous resistance is reshaping our world and shares her own vision of a life-affirming future.

Re-Imagination Nation, We Imagine US

Episode 5: David Williams and John A. Powell

In this episode, we look for examples of repairing from racial harm as members of SCoRE (Solidarity Council on Racial Equity) describe action plans communities have used to tackle inequality. Public health scholar David Williams has measured how racism makes people physically sick and explains how access to opportunity leads to thriving communities. Plus, law professor john a. powell says that when it comes to belonging, our choices will determine the society that we all must share.

Re-Imagination Nation, We Imagine US

Episode 6: John Legend and Michelle Alexander

In our sixth episode, we consider the role and funding of police. We speak with two SCoRE (Solidarity Council on Racial Equity) members who have inspired millions of people all over the globe —artist John Legend and author Michelle Alexander— who talk about their reimagined worlds free of toxic policing, jails or prisons and a future rooted in mutual care and solidarity found, in part, from listening with compassion to those whose experiences differ from our own.